Workshops: Session 4


Pink Dollar
Presenter: Lawrence Perea
Facilitator: Rachael McIntosh
624 S. Michigan, Room 1305
This workshop will discuss the power of boycotting and the economic power that the queer community has. We will propose different strategies of boycotts, such as only buying from queer owned/operated businesses, not spending any money for an allotted period of time, etc.

Starting Your Own Activist Group
Presenters: Members of Join The Impact Chicago and eQuality Champaign-Urbana
Facilitator: Andrea Crain
624 S. Michigan, Room 1306
Come join the world of activism, from organizing your first protest to growing a grassroots group and taking your place in the LGBTQ movement. Grassroots activist groups Join the Impact Chicago and eQuality Champaign-Urbana started in the past couple of years with just a handful of young people, and have since grown to include dozens of members and organized protests, events and actions around many LGBTQ issues, including mobilizing over 200 people for a bus trip to the National Equality March. We’ll talk specifics and strategy, ways to grow membership and include allies and all parts of the LGBTQ community. No experience is required, but we’d love participants experienced in activism to share their perspectives as well.

Marriage Equality Activism: Get on the Bus
Presenter: Ed Reggi
Facilitator: Samantha Pajor
624 S. Michigan, Room 602 Lecture Hall
On April 3, 2009, the Iowa Supreme Court unanimously upheld the ruling holding that there was no governmental interest in denying citizens marriage licenses based on their sexual orientation. Immediately following, Ed Reggi and Scott Emanuel chartered a bus taking seventeen same sex couples from St. Louis, Missouri to Iowa City, Iowa to get legally married. In this workshop, participants will watch a 10-minute documentary setting up the background story of how Ed’s and Scott’s marriage sparked a grassroots movement to “Get on the Marriage Bus.” The movie titled, Heartland Transport is winning over the hearts of audiences all over the United States. Ed’s and Scott’s call for same-sex couples to wed in Iowa is recognized as a public challenge against the 2004 Missouri Constitutional Amendment passed by 72% of the voters. The Amendment defined marriage as between one man and one woman. Since shortly after Prop 8 passed, Reggi has been on a personal mission to encourage 10,000 same-sex couples to get legally married in Iowa before 2012. Reggi is going to show you how to activate a dormant base within the LGBTQ community specifically on the Marriage Equality issue.

Stonewall to Prop 8: The Fight for LGBT Liberation
Presenter: Sherry Wolf
Facilitator: Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor
600 S. Michigan, Ferguson Lecture Hall, 1st Floor
In Stonewall to Prop 8: The Fight for LGBT Liberation, Wolf will take up historical and political questions surrounding the path from our movement’s explosion on the streets in a riot to conservative retreats and then, finally, back to the streets.

Re-gayifying HIV: New Perspectives on the Fight against HIV/AIDS
Presenter: John Peller
Facilitator: Corrine Mina
624 S. Michigan, Room 1304
Over the past decade, the HIV epidemic has been stripped of its once-core gay identity. For other groups impacted by HIV, such as women and heterosexuals, this has meant inclusion. But gay men and men who have sex with men are still the population most impacted by HIV in America, and black gay men and MSM are over-represented. Should the LGBTQ movement focus on HIV as a core issue? Should HIV advocates re-gayify HIV? How do gay black men fit into the picture? This workshop will present an update on HIV advocacy and how to get involved in the fight against AIDS and feature a discussion on the intersection of LGBTQ and HIV organizing.

Intro to Social Media: How to Use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
Presenter: Genia Stevens
Facilitator: Adriana Scherling
624 S. Michigan, Room 1108
This workshop will cover: the 5 steps of a successful social media strategy, how to create and execute an effective social media strategy, how to find and connect with potential volunteers and sponsors, how to start a conversation that will help you raise money for your organization, how to create a dynamic and effective presence, how much activity on Twitter is too much or too little, effective use of Facebook fan pages and groups, great tricks you can use to find business partners on LinkedIn, and how to maintain and manage your social media marketing campaign.

Racism and Discrimination within the LGBT Community
Presenters: Harold Washington College Pride Alliance
Facilitator: Lauren Fleer
624 S. Michigan, Room 1107
This workshop will address the issue of racism and other discrimination (transgender, HIV) within the LGBTQ community, focusing primarily on the experiences of LGBTQ racial minorities in Chicago. Moderated by the Pride Alliance student club of Harold Washington College (which has a predominantly minority student population), the workshop aims to initiate discussion about such discrimination within the LGBTQ community, bring an awareness that racism and other discrimination does exist within the LGBTQ community, and discuss the cultural phenomena of the intersection of race, class, and sexuality in our larger society.

Please note: Achieving Our Gayness has been canceled due to illness.

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